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Technicolor, world-wide leader in video technologies, presents Mediatune a next generation, revolutionary 4K video management system based on the COM3000 DIRECTV™ satellite headend solution to serve the Bar and Restaurant commercial market.

Simple Interface
Imagine the entire DIRECTV content lineup, all the desired external sources, and all you output zones manageable on one simple webpage. Click any desired source input from anywhere in the interface and drop it on the desired display, and Mediatune does the rest. An internal video router controls the DIRECTV receivers giving the users a seamless and simple but incredibly powerful experience. This web based interface is available on any device capable of running a web browser
and can remain synchronized to allow for several control points.

4K Ultra HD Resolution
The COM3000 system delivers full 4K resolution in the exact format from the DIRECTV broadcast center. Pro:Idiom content encryption is used in order to secure
content deliver over the coax or IP distribution to the TV set. Commercial TV sets or external Pro:Idiom decoder boxes such as the UCW4026MCS are available to ensure
compatibility with any TV set or HDMI projector.

External Content Management
Mediatune is capable of managing and routing any external IP video input including ATSC content from an ATSC-8 or HDHomerun device, external IP cameras or digital signage streaming from a network PC. A simple video encoder can be used with HDMI video sources such as a DVD player or cable set top box providing an endless list of supported video content all managed through a simple, click and drag interface.

The Infinite Matrix Switch

In IP mode, Mediatune utilizes Multicast broadcasting outputs to support as many unique destinations as needed. Each destination is required to support IP input and include a Pro:Idiom decoder. This allows for simple Ethernet wiring to every TV for signal distribution, drastically saving cost for installations. As your installation grows, Mediatune can support it with no limit to the number of destinations available.

Features at a Glance
■ Unlimited outputs in IP mode

■ IP Mode: N x ∞ matrix switch (N=number of COM51 tuners)

■ Original DIRECTV™ broadcast quality content delivered over QAM distribution. No signal transcoding, encoding or other signal manipulation which can degrade quality

■ Pro:Idiom™ protected video to ensure copy protection is maintained all the way to television display.

■ Simple to install, easy to manage, less than half the size and cost of a traditional switched matrix video system using stacked receivers.

■ 4K Ultra HD capable. Delivers all DIRECTV™4K Ultra HD programming to 4K Ultra HD capable TV sets.

Remote Management

Both the COM51 DIRECTV receiver card and the QAM modulator can be controlled using internet Protocol commands, so any device able to browse the internet can access and manage the entire video system. The COM51 receiver includes a web server based control interface much like that of a router home networking device making this simple to use and flexible enough to be controlled by a PC, Tablet, iPhone or iPad. 

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Switch the Source, Not the Channel

QAM Mode: Mediatune presents a fundamental shift in how you might typically think about controlling a video distribution system. In a Medaitune configuration, each TV is set to a fixed QAM channel and the source is switched. The TV never changed the channel it is set to, And Mediatune controls what content is sent to every TV. 

4K Infinite Matrix

IP Mode: Slightly different then the QAM mode, IP distribution mode depends on IP end-points that can receive control messages from Mediatune. When content is desired, Mediatune starts a Multicast broadcast stream, then commands the TVs to join these broadcasts as desired by the user.

MEDIATUNE Components

COM51 – HD Receiver Blade
■ 23 HD/4K DIRECTV™ tuners
■ Pro:Idiom content protection
■ Up to 6 cards can fit into a COM400 chassis
QAM20 – 48x256 EdgeQAM
■ 16 carrier EdgeQAM upgradeable to 48 carrier modes
■ Supports 2 HD streams per QAM channel*
■ 2 QAM20’s can fit into a COM400
UCW4026MCS - 4K UHD IP/QAM Set-top Box

■ Supports 4K UHD video in either IP or QAM configurations

■ Pro:Idiom terminator

DCI401MCS – Pro:Idiom Security Terminator
■ Fits under or behind the TV to receive the QAM broadcast, decode the Pro:Idiom™ copy protection and output the video to the TV via HDMI
■ Full resolution digital quality directly to the TV

*Mediatune application limits 2 steams per QAM channel

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IP-based Control Interface: Web, Tablet, POS

Click on desired source on the right, drag and drop to output on the left