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Why Choose DSS Installations?

At DSS Installations we are dedicated to providing you with the most up to date technologies and installation practices.  We won't stop until the job is right for you.   
Mission Statement:

Identify our customers DIRECTV needs and fulfill those needs by developing long-term relationships on a continued foundation of service and trust with over 20 years of proven honest high-quality engineering services. We tell it like it is not what you want to hear Long-term thinking.

DIRECTV Installations:

DIRECTV delivers the ultimate video entertainment experience.

At home or on the go, DIRECTV is your source for the best in video entertainment. DIRECTV also offers more full-time HD channels and more sports than anyone—no other TV provider comes close. 

Get the most out of your tv with DIRECTV, installed by DSS Installations.  We specialize in residential, business, and hospitality installations.  No job is too big or too small!  



DSS Installations is proud to offer LG HDTV sales for hotels and businesses.  LG provides hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance the guest experience. Built on LG’s strong reputation for display innovation, Interactive Automatic on-screen Programming Guides, leading technology platforms including Pro:Idiom® and the new Pro:Centric™ platform enable simple to install, manage, and use guest-centric solutions.



DSS is the leader in RF signal analysis and cable plant management.  Your cable infrastructure is like the human central nervous system.  When your system doesn't function your whole operation feels vulnerable.  CPR (cable plant remediation) by DSS is designed to assess and analyze your entire infrastructure quickly and efficiently.  We will provide an outlined system analysis, fix all current efficiency problems, and will explain our long-term plant management solutions.



Need a technician now?  With the use of ProCentric and Pro:Idiom systems DSS can access your system anytime, day or night 24/7.  These systems are ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Bar or Restaurants, Corporations, or Large Apartments and Condo Complexes.  We provide bulk LG/HD TV sales.  Digital signage and custom advertisements are another DSS first for the industry.  Filter the content and advertisements that your guest is viewing.